Fragments of Duration


Fragments of Duration is a band based in the central Netherlands, existing in different forms since the middle of the first decade of the 21st century. The band has assumed its most stable form to date in the death of winter of 2008, and has been developing music and performance since then. Fragments of Duration's music is based on improvisation and loose composition, utilising bass, guitar and drums as its basic forms, with the addition of analog effects and various kinds of percussion and other sound devices. There is no fixed musical direction, though the main influences are drawn from areas like ambient, drone, doom, experimental and post rock.

Fragments of Duration held their debut performance at the IVth edition of the Noise Central Festival in Utrecht, Netherlands. At the same night, they released their self-produced EP 'Infinite Resonance', which was interpreted live during the performance. The handmade first edition of the EP, limited to 50 copies, has since sold out, and a second unlimited edition was presented at the band's third performance on January 17th 2009. The band is currently preparing for the recording of new material and new live performances.


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